ABA Basketball Launches

The first game of ABA Basketball launched last weekend at Moiola Elementary and I would say it was quite a success.  This whole project stemmed from an idea I had regarding how many kids tried out for my high school basketball team and were turned away from the sport just because they didn’t make the team.  I though creating a place where these kids can continue playing basketball on a competitive level was important for not only themselves but for the sport of basketball.  This idea was also partially inspired by what Kevin Durant did during the time the NBA had a lockout about two years ago, his Basketball Never Stops Campaign, where he continued to play in neighborhoods and gyms around the nation to continue on the game of basketball despite that the NBA season was locked out partially.



I, along with other friends of mine, decided to make a Facebook page to promote our event and to encourage people to sign up and this is the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ABA-Recreational-Basketball-League/1425252317705182 .  We also have an Instagram @ABABasketball.  Our logo is inspired by that of the original ABA where, as previously mentioned, was a very influential in the naming process as the old ABA League was a place of fun and playing basketball for the sake of loving the sport.

aba cover

Our page includes the game schedules, updates on events, and it was a medium for us to contact the players and also to get people interested in playing to sign up.  The sign up form was basically a Google Form that team captains or people wanting to sign up could fill out and join the league.aba sign up

Honestly, getting teams to be assembled and getting players to join the league was our primary struggle as people felt as if playing in a fixed league might compromise other engagements they have or might impact with their normal schedule.  However, eventually we were able to get several teams to sign up and we actually had our first game last weekend.

ABA 10

These are some pictures of the players getting warmed up, stretching, and shooting around prior to the game’s tipoff. Here are highlights from the game:


In the future, we intend to carry out the games and maybe try to expand to other sports as well or continue on the basketball league.  However, if I was to do this project again, looking back I would have probably started earlier and done more with advertising the league so that it would have been easier to get more people to sign up.

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