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ABA Basketball Launches

The first game of ABA Basketball launched last weekend at Moiola Elementary and I would say it was quite a success.  This whole project stemmed from an idea I had regarding how many kids tried out for my high school basketball team and were turned away from the sport just because they didn’t make the team.  I though creating a place where these kids can continue playing basketball on a competitive level was important for not only themselves but for the sport of basketball.  This idea was also partially inspired by what Kevin Durant did during the time the NBA had a lockout about two years ago, his Basketball Never Stops Campaign, where he continued to play in neighborhoods and gyms around the nation to continue on the game of basketball despite that the NBA season was locked out partially.



I, along with other friends of mine, decided to make a Facebook page to promote our event and to encourage people to sign up and this is the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ABA-Recreational-Basketball-League/1425252317705182 .  We also have an Instagram @ABABasketball.  Our logo is inspired by that of the original ABA where, as previously mentioned, was a very influential in the naming process as the old ABA League was a place of fun and playing basketball for the sake of loving the sport.

aba cover

Our page includes the game schedules, updates on events, and it was a medium for us to contact the players and also to get people interested in playing to sign up.  The sign up form was basically a Google Form that team captains or people wanting to sign up could fill out and join the league.aba sign up

Honestly, getting teams to be assembled and getting players to join the league was our primary struggle as people felt as if playing in a fixed league might compromise other engagements they have or might impact with their normal schedule.  However, eventually we were able to get several teams to sign up and we actually had our first game last weekend.

ABA 10

These are some pictures of the players getting warmed up, stretching, and shooting around prior to the game’s tipoff. Here are highlights from the game:


In the future, we intend to carry out the games and maybe try to expand to other sports as well or continue on the basketball league.  However, if I was to do this project again, looking back I would have probably started earlier and done more with advertising the league so that it would have been easier to get more people to sign up.

High Flying Favorites


With basketball season already in full swing, I have been glued to the TV watching my favorite match ups of the day while also keeping up with my fantasy team.  In addition, I along with two of my friends are creating a basketball league for teenagers in our community, because we realized there weren’t any competitive basketball leagues at the high school level that were outside of playing for the high school or travel ball.  Thus, we decided to work together and create one for kids who for whatever reason couldn’t play for their high school or they couldn’t afford travel ball.  We have decided to name it the ABA, to bring back the notion of “let’s just play basketball and have fun” that was what kind of characterized the ABA back in the day where it rivaled the NBA.  I will be posting a link to my basketball league’s page and videos in posts and be sure to keep all of you updated.  However, to celebrate the launch of the beginning of our setting up process, I have decided to compile my favorite basketball movies.


1. Teen Wolf-1985

This classic 80’s movie stars one of the most iconic actors of the decade, Michael J. Fox.  In Back to the Future, he played Marty McFly on his adventures through time with Dr. Emmett Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd.  In Teen Wolf, Fox plays an average teenager who happens to be on his school’s not so great varsity basketball team.  On his team he isn’t a star but it is more like he’s just there (and the tension between the team doesn’t help).  Along with the troubles of his basketball team, he is also troubled by average things like not being popular, school, girls, and oh yea being a werewolf.  One night when he gets home, he starts getting a really funny feeling and rushes to the bathroom.  Upon looking in the mirror, he discovers he is turning into some sort of monster and soon discovers it runs in his family, as his father is also a werewolf.  Now, he isn’t like a new “Twilight” werewolf or savage by any means, in this movie he just becomes furry and also becomes more athletic.  You can imagine there are few werewolves in your typical high school, so Scott (his character’s name) suddenly gets launched into stardom when in a game he fails to hide his alter ego.  He gets angry during a basketball game and suddenly transforms into a high flying werewolf.  This movie doesn’t focus so much on basketball the sport, but uses it as a medium to tell the story.


2. Hoosiers-1986

This is one of the quintessential basketball films as it is a story on not only the competitive aspect, but the philosophy behind the game.  As far as the plot, it is similar to a more recent movie, Remember the Titans, in the sense that there is the plot development between a community and a new coach being brought in for the high school team.  Similarly, the community at first is uneasy about the new basketball coach, Dale, and also that the town basketball star, Jimmy, refuses to play for Dale due to how he was so attached to the old coach.  Dale introduces a new playing style that doesn’t quite yield the results the community hoped for and threaten to get rid of him.  However, Jimmy decides to play and this turns things around for the team.   The team ends up going to to the state championship and wins it all with everyone on the team stepping up along the way.  This movie is an excellent movie, as to not butcher the beautiful messages and inspiration in the movie, I highly suggest you watch it if you haven’t.


3. Coach Carter-2005

This movie is an inspiring sports drama about the struggles of inner city youth and trying to balance basketball along with their other priorities.  In this movie, the great Samuel L. Jackson plays Ken Carter, an alumni of Richmond High School, is newly coached to run the school basketball team.  He is disappointed in the activities and behavior of the team and before he can teach them basketball he must team them about life.  He forces them to study and has them sign contracts to make sure they wouldn’t neglect their studies.  The movie really focuses on how life and sports are interconnected in both values and responsibilities.  However, when drama occurs in some of the players’ lives and Carter’s son joins the team things get much more complicated.  Carter is so serious about changing his players’ lives for the better that he closes the gym until the players improve their games.  This movie is an excellent example of how sports relates to life and how it can be a medium for self-improvement.